Power Flush Balham

Are radiators taking their time to heat up? Have you noticed cold spots on the radiator? Or have you noticed a rise in the price of your energy bills? Your home boiler and central heating system might benefit from a powerflush.

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Power Flushing in Balham & South London

A powerflush sees water injected through the entire route of the central heating system to remove any sludge, rust, and other debris that is otherwise affecting the performance of the central heating system. When we powerflush your system, we will also add additional mobilising and cleansing agents to further improve the cleansing process.

Our Balham Based Radiator Services

Few of the services offered by us include:

  • Powerflushing
  • Radiator repairs
  • Chemical descaling
  • Magnetic filters
  • Repair leak
  • Fault finding and repair work

Radiator Installation

We fit a wide range of radiators. Everything from your standard Myson radiators to the modern panel radiators with fancy chrome top valves. If you want to add a radiator to your central heating system, it is easy enough for us to do. You can add a radiator at any point in the flow and return circuit, but we must make sure you don’t take heat away from the current radiators.

What is Power Flushing?

During a boiler’s lifetime, corrosion and debris accumulate in your radiator’s pipework and boiler. The radiator starts rusting internally and produces black iron oxide, also known as sludge. The sludge then starts moving around your heating system which gradually blocks pipes, valves, and eventually the boiler. Power flushing is the process by which corrosion and sludge deposits are removed from within the central heating system in your domestic or commercial property.

At Pulse Plumbing & Heating, we undertake the complete responsibility of removing sludge and rust deposits that have built up in your boiler and heating system. Our experienced engineers use the most advanced equipment to remove rust and sludge from your central heating so you can get reliable hot water, reduced fuel bills and a warmer home. Power flushing your inefficient central heating system is always a more economical option than replacement.

Signs you Need a Power flushing Service

  • Rust marks on radiators
  • Expensive fuel bills
  • Radiators cold at the bottom
  • Radiators getting cold spots
  • Boiler switching on and off frequently
  • Boiler frequently breaking down
  • Pipe work getting hot but not the radiator
  • Little or no hot water
  • Boiler not working efficiently
  • Noisy boiler (Kettling or Banging)
  • Radiators not heating up at all
  • Boiler overheating
  • Radiator taking time to heat up

Our Power flushing Services

Pulse Plumbing & Heating undertakes power flushing with the utmost of attention and care with minimal disruption to your home. We simply connect to your central heating system, placing dust sheets down for safety, and away we go. Power flushing is a very clean, thorough process and once the system has been completely rinsed and a water purity check has been passed, a corrosion inhibitor is added. Your boiler and system are now cleaner and running with much more efficiency. Thermostatic radiator valves can also be fitted and inline magnetic filters for further protection, which we can instruct you on maintaining. We can also recommend further work if required, depending on the condition or age of the system.

Benefits of Power flushing

  • Radiators will produce more heat and boilers run silently
  • Cheaper fuel and gas bills
  • Lower risks of breakdown
  • The efficiency of your central heating will be enhanced
  • No cold spots on radiators

How It All Works

  • The power flush equipment is set outside and connected directly to the central heating system.
  • The whole system is cleaned and taking off the radiators isn’t required.
  • An effective power flush cleaner is added to the water in the system which helps in releasing the rust.
  • To check cold spots on the radiator surfaces, the heating is turned on.
  • Water is flushed through and by vibrating cold spots on individual radiators, this helps the sludge release rapidly.
  • Magnetic filters are fitted to collect the sludge flowing from the radiators.
  • Radiators and pipe works are power flushed thoroughly to ensure the water is clean and pH neutral.
  • Once the system has been cleaned, an anti-corrosion inhibitor is added.
  • A certificate is issued upon completion and annual central heating servicing is recommended.

The Costs Associated With Power Flushing Radiators

There are lots of factors that will affect the price of a power flush such as complexity and size of the heating system, not to mention any incidental troubleshooting that crop up. The price charged by Pulse Plumbing & Heating is kept to a minimum so that customers on a budget can make the most out of our services. A power flush can cost anything between £300 to £1000. Sometimes, there will be additional costs like replacing the TRVs or extra descaling chemicals.

It is important your central heating system is as efficient as possible, and although a power flush can be an expensive process, it can also save a lot of money over time in reduced heating bills.